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247design – is a team of young and ambitious professionals who offer a wide range of services on media, design and printing art market. We are skilled players in this sphere as we have experience of creation and promotion of the brands and printed publications. We know pretty well what is speed, quality, deadline and advertising requirements. The main principle of 247design – is to solve any given task excellently and timely to make our clients satisfied with 24/7!

Printing and design of printed media

# Design matters. In simple terms, printing and design include arrangement of texts, images on the pages of printed issues. Unfortunately, editors often pay more attention to the deadline of printed issues, thus they ignore poor quality photos and plain design. If you are interested in development of your edition and high-level work, our team will help you realize all the ideas, taking your wishes into consideration. We work with the existing styles as well as create brand new ones – individual and memorable. We offer printing and design of all printed editions: - magazines; - catalogues; - newspapers. In addition, we provide services of writing articles, re-writing, copy-writing and correcting. Connect us and within an hour our team will eagerly answer all your questions.


Landing page – is the so called “lead capture page”. It appears on big sites as well as in one-of-a-kind format. A vivid example is a page with advertisement. Such mini-sites are needed to increase conversion. How does it work? The main task of landing is to hook the client, push to a certain action (subscribe to the news, leave the contacts, fill-in the form).The important point is that landing has to be narrowly focused: it is shaped for a certain audience and sells them a specific service. A landing page should obligatory contain the solving of your client’s problem, not just its description, but also a specific product value and, of course, the appeal to action! The most important thing in landing is that it should offer something single. Connect us and within an hour our team will eagerly answer all your questions.

Printing design

The activity of every company is impossible without printed production. Booklets and leaflets, envelopes and forms, which promote their company – all these play a significant role in creating a company image, as well as in business positioning. That is why everyone uses this service nowadays as a well thought-out printing design can help the advertising companies reach a new level of success. Thus, if you have decided to promote your goods, we will quickly develop an interesting and quality design of your brochure, calendars, visit cards, booklets, posters, certificates, post cards, taking into consideration all your requirements. Let’s turn the paper into your money! Connect us and within an hour our team will eagerly answer all your questions.


Do you want to have cool photos, but you don’t acquire the skills of work with Photoshop? Then we will be pleased to help you. We offer retouch services: light retouch (everything that is connected to the face – face purification, line and scar removal, Hollywood smile, whitening of eye whites) – starting from 3$; full retouch (except the blue retouch of the face, correction of body shape, hair color change) – starting from 4$; photomontage (face and body retouch, including the addition, replacement or removal of incidental objects) – starting from 6$; creation of photo of goods for Internet shops, studio shooting – individually. Connect us and within an hour our team will eagerly answer all your questions.


SMM promotion is a process of your pro-file or brand promotion via social platforms. Why is it needed? If you have something to say or show, you definitely want to be heard and seen. But if you are not a celebrity, it is pretty difficult to declare yourself to the world. And now social marketing, which is already known to you, comes into play. Our team will manage your SMM promotion and customize your pro-file beyond recognition. Besides, our professionals will manage your content and right target audience, informing the potential clients about your brand. People rarely buy anything if they are not asked to do this. Ask them about it correctly! We offer services of business account promotion, as well as private pro-files. Connect us and within an hour our team will eagerly answer all your questions.


Interior design is a picture which gives you a complete idea of how the future interior of your project will look. It refers to houses as well as hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. It is good because it allows you to make corrections before the start of the necessary work. Your idea should be projected with the leading help of specialists, who can give you some pieces of advice, if necessary, and make the corrections. Our team “247 Design Studio” is ready to make a project of your dream and fulfill your greatest ideas. Your life and work are worth of the highest level of comfort. Connect us and within an hour our team will eagerly answer all your questions.


What is branding? It is a process when your brand is created and promoted, forming the customers’ values, which were initially put into your product. The aim of branding is very simple and clear – the creation of a unique and memorable brand. Brand-book is an official document of a company, where the whole brand conception, its history, target audience, stages of establishment, etc. are stated. Guideline (standard passport or logo-book) – is an instruction, which contains the rules of brand usage and its promotion on the market. Guideline is usually comprised of the following aspects: - brand sign; -logo; - brand colors and types; - the position of brand block; - sign or logo on business documents and data carriers. Customers are not always quick-witted people. If you don’t tell them exactly what to do and what to believe, and you don’t continuously supply them with new reasons to buy your brand, they will switch to another producer. Sergio Zyman “If you dream about a great brand, start working with professionals. It is the case when one right strategy defines the fate of your business”

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